Mesir, my opinion

bagi saya, pengajaran terbaik daripada kerajaan terhadap krisis mesir adalah : jika berlaku revolusi kita harus menyorok bawah meja atau duduk bawah ketiak mak - dengan bantuan kerajaan. so, there you go, lesson learned. but this one is different, the lesson here is that Universities have to acknowledge student power... or else we'll become like Egypt. My opinion is, if the student really have a power, the best power for me is to have the ability to pardon each stupid work done by the people in power.

what is it about the student power? what power do they have?

you see money is power, but money alone is powerless unless there is an owner of that money. he can buy things or materialized it. similarly voice, alone voice is just air vibration captured by ears unless it have a proper origin. he who have voice can somehow earn the power to be heard.

but student power. sadly no one ever use it or materialize it in a kind that it would turn into an agent that can benefits others or can be trade to exchange something. but really nothing. student power is a power of nothingness.

if i am a money i am powerless.

but if i were a student and i want power, the best power is to forgive.

because if you forgive you are actually save the time to accuse someone of being wrong. you will go straight to the point and smack their faces with an acusation they can never dispute.