Law is not justice

What we need is harm reduction policy not a new law. We aim to educate not to punish. Graduates from kamunting now become politicians. Scholars from simpang renggam now become top notch criminals. What was originally designed to correct social deviants end up being the most successful training facility for inmates to deviate further from social norms. Deviants are not meant to be locked up and punishing wont solve anything other than to shut the mouth of victims because in their mind everything must pay. The lust to see others suffer as an implication of breaking the law is a legitimate revenge. The justice system we have today is merely serving as a machine to solve disputes between two parties. How is that going to any problem?

It is time to accept the fact that some things are real. Things like prostitution, gangsterism, robery, and drug abuse, are real. One cannot assume everybody will follow orders, steps and bow to the system. Deviants and deviation are the elements of life. Can you imagine a life without deviants? The closest i can get is heaven.

The question is not how to turn this world into heaven. The question is how to make life better. One of the way is to make law which is a means of control as a harm reduction apparatus.

The system we have today are training us to be nothing else but consumer. We consume and some of us want more. Are we denying that one may go overboard to make his way to the top faster so he can fulfill his consumption? The question is not how to stop him from doing that but how to reduce the harm he may inflict on others.

I take for example drug. Which would be our priority? Is it punishing the convicts so that others would scared and make him as an example? Or are we focusing on how to stop those drugs from reaching our home? During desperate times the failure of a convict can be a good example to improvise maneuver around the law. Now are we calling that justice when the learned punishment only serve the betterment of the crime? Have we ever realize about the implication from the system? We must not forget human is a thinking being. If I say the law is training criminals to do better in their crime would that make sense when you try to relate to high crime rate we encounter lately?

I want to say it is time to think about the system we use but then it would sound like we never thought about it. Let us admit that we constantly think because we were designed to think. But most of the time our thought serves as the reaffirmation of the thinking we've been forced to accept.

This culture of wanting more begin with a question we've been trained to answer. We asked "What in it for me?" on every material we can lay our eyes on. Nowadays we rarely heard a law passed for the sake of the greater good with no hidden agenda. For me, if we reduce the harm of a crime towards society we actually helping our next generation to live in a better world. That is good enough for me.

So instead of punishing we organize them into a manageable scale. Let us not hope that the realization of this dream will be made possible by politician. They are hijackers. They take advantage of issues that will benefit their political mileage. Stop giving away our fight to the politician, roll up your sleeves, its time to to your responsibility.

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