there's a message i want to translate.

on that final night. as we laid together i came to realize that she don't need me anymore. i was the one that needed her, the one that needed all of them.

the next morning she was gone but her whiskey sweat and the stench of oiled leather lingered for weeks. i never knew her emotionally, but at least i know her physically and for a guy like me, i take what i can get.

i really should stop it. this behavior isn't going to take me anywhere.

there's a message i want to translate. but first of all, i want to go home.


3 ulasan:

aishah_conteng_je berkata...

how narrative is this message?

Mahadewaratna_Sari berkata...

it narrate the possible outcome of a newly adhered consciousness.

dish berkata...

this, made me smile. thank you. =)