Green Certificate

hello there, i have a suggestion. we need to have a certificate of green management for our residential colleges' and faculties' cafeterias, offices, faculties and shops.

for cafeterias and shops the evaluation will be base on how well they promote and impose regulatory of low plastic consumption. should the rating be done in A B C, 'A' would be best given to those which shows serious effort to reduce plastic waste.

for faculties and offices, what matter most is the efficient energy management. this is simply to turn off light and air-conditioner when no longer in use. if the implementation of this certificate is highly promoted, both student and official will likely take part in order to gain the highest rating for their department and faculties. thus, taking UKM GO GREEN to the level that everybody can engage.

in my point of view, this certificate is to acknowledge the seriousness of our effort to save the earth be it locally. if this initiative is successful in UKM it may also grow larger to the extent that companies would want us to certified their green effort just like ISO.

if we can have Halal, Cleanliness and ISO certificates, why can't we have one more. i mean, it's the earth we are trying to save here. Go Green! yeah!

this entry is dedicated to UKM Go Green Initiative

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mike-L berkata...

gua would like to suggest..if UKM cafetaria is still using the polisterin as pembungkus makanan.gua rase its better to change it with kertas coklat untuk bungkus nasik lemak @ apam balik tu..more environmental friendly gua rasa

Mahadewaratna_Sari berkata...

unfortunately Mike, i have been told that this initiative was not even real. it is just a mere coursework done by some policy student to complete their requirement for this semester.

i am so upset to know that this is just a mockery of our environmental problem.

Lilo_ToMaTo berkata...

it's not just a mockery..yes a bit..as u said to fulfill the requirement for the subject..
but still we realized the importance of this issue that's why we choose to do it..

and we want to give something to the students..so dat they noe n realize by using plastic. it'll give bad impact to the environment..at least we are trying 2 give information by running this campaign..right?