sex of the unpolitical student

ehem.. legally speaking, i can only express my political sentiment regarding those who don't affiliate with any political party... like ibrahim ali and other non-productive frogs. uh so boring, might as well go and rape someone then throw some babies. wait, is that legal? no, but hey how are they gonna catch me? they don't, they just put up a concert so that people know throwing babies is illegal and immoral. did it work? no, hell no. hello! student are not allowed to experiment their social skills with ideology and political issues and all the learned social skills gone down the drain of sex. common guys, the young blood always ready to engage in a fight and when you don't allow them to fight in the noble cause, they'll find somewhere else to channel their anxiety. with so many things promoting sex, how can one escape the tempting tender juicy skin of beautifully photoshoped teen? and what happen if they choose to compete between peer in the realm of sex? of course the will, i mean they are young and youngsters like to experiment with things. curiosity will lead to experimentation with genitals. do i need to explain how they compete? ok i explain - those who fuck most win. there, unless of course, you are being put under the spotlight.

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