young grads sell bodies for easy money

Young grads sell bodies for easy money

By Wong Pek Mei, A.Raman and Allison Lai

Selling bodies has become a common trade in today’s society. The moral value of new generation has been decreasing ever since the cost of living increase although efforts of instilling values through education has been put up by many parties such as the government, parents and society itself.

This issue has signified nothing but failures of the various parties and the individual as well to fulfill their responsibilities of roles. The root of the problem is caused by high cost of living, fast forward moving world and easy currency. It has becoming more and more materialize to achieve the power of money as today’s society have shown that money is everything by idolizing branded things, corrupted leaders with pocket full of money and excessive advertisements of today’s needs. Apart from that, the development of the internet has further exacerbated the condition by being an advantageous medium in selling their bodies.

The expansion of the internet has been the measure of today’s advanced world. It is beneficial to the society in terms of providing vast knowledge to us as well as source of income to some of the society. Some of them feed their self interest in gaining lucrative income through social networking such as selling obscene photos of themselves and offering massage services. This trend is bad for the societal development as it would grow into uncivilized society because of the immorality and unethical portrayed by some of the money hungry people. Apart from that, the new generation would be lack of responsibility in fulfilling their obligations as responsible individual but rather be an individualistic and self-absorbed person. This would lead to more corrupted people running the country and oppression to people’s right when their rights of having better life are being taken away from them.

Intellectual has been demeaned to lower level since money has become the chief target of these young grads and this shows that the education system is not doing at its best to provide morale education to the students. However, education can mean informal and forma education. In terms of informal education, the responsibility lies on the parents and individuals whereas for formal education, the burden of teaching lies on the government efforts to provide the most effective education system to its people. Apart from that, government policies regarding the internet or technology could also affect the young grads. As an illustration, lenient action against those who commit deviant in cyber world has led to this byproduct.

Parents are also responsible in playing a pivotal role in instilling moral values in the children. According to Freud, the most crucial age for children to develop their habits is at the age of one to six, indicating that this is the period where they would absorb most of their habit

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