the way to win an argument

i was not in the mood to argue or to talk for the whole day

so i kept silent until my gf text me.

i ignored her.

she texted many times.

finally she said she would wait for me to have lunch.

she was having fever that day.

so i said don't wait for me.

she was mad and ask for explanation.

my reply was simple.. don't wait, go eat.


just now we had dinner and i didn't talk at all.

she cried and i laugh.

i didn't talk in the car too.

she said things and i can't comprehend

and then the drama scene...

i lost control of the car

and we hit a big tree.

we died.



i was actually silent all the way to our room

but then i was feeling bored so i browse youtube.

i found an origami tutorial

and started making dinosaur.

when i finished i realized i made a cute thing.

so i remembered my gf and texted her to see me.

i gave her a dinosaur and she gave me a smile.


i win an argument that day. the argument was -> i did not forget her.

*i chose dinosaur because she thinks i am a dinosaur when im not in the mood :D

true story

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Syeza Jamal @ Philocoly berkata...

An argument without argument.

I like this post. :)