Old Habit Die Hard (Alfie's Ending)

I warned them all from the beginning.

I always said something along the lines of,

''I must advise you, I am stamped with an invisible warning. I will not commit. I will never marry.''

Despite my best efforts, I'm beginning to feel some small cracks in my faux finish.

You know, when I look back on my little life,
and all the women I've known...

...I can't help but think about...
...all that they've done for me...
...and how little I've done for them.
How they looked after me, cared for me...
...and I repaid them by never returning the favour.


I used to think I had the best end of the deal.

What have I got?




Some money in my pocket.

Some nice threads. Fancy car at my disposal.

And I'm single.

Unattached. Free as a bird.

I don't depend on nobody.
Nobody depends on me.
My life's my own.

But I don't have peace of mind.

And if you don't have that, you've got nothing.



So, what's the answer? That's what I keep asking myself.
What's it all about?

You know what I mean?

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