aku se-ekor terminatol

dear acquaintances,

it is hereby to take into commotion that this writer have a new item to register in your brain. taking into account of fluctuated transmittal of text message and sudden degrade in logic responses, i solemnly declare a newly acquired incapability of which derive from inability to recognize human as an emotional derivative subject due to the fact that my database has lost its ability to encompass human peer bonding string.

therefore, this robot shall not be accountable towards any incident in occurrence during this service malfunction prior to the automatic dictation derived from self understanding upon reading this note.

5 ulasan:

NadyaChot berkata...

aku tergamam..

Mahadewaratna_Sari berkata...

yeah besepah grammatical error

NadyaChot berkata...

hee.bukan la.

vocab gempak douh.


mike-L berkata...


Mahadewaratna_Sari berkata...

owh.. tenkiu hehe

woot woot (robot angkat tangan buat peace)