it was beautiful

it was beautiful,
the way you looked at me,
the way you perceived me,
it was all beautiful,
it was sadness on the other side,
it was naught that fills me,
it was staring that pin its eyes on me,
it was still when i inhale,
it was spinning when i exhale,
it was breaking when i try to fly,
it was mending when you pull me under,
it was aching when it recovers,
then time came to take me away from you,
that was when you let me fly high,
that was when i know i'm appreciating you,
it was still beautiful the way you preached to me,
it was still beautiful afterall,
how i stand here revolves around you,
it was beautiful how i keep staring at you never hating,
it was beautiful how i could understand you,
thank God you are still beautiful.

Yours truly,

(i asked my friend to write me something, she is a good writer but never did she have the guts to publish her work. now, she is hiding somewhere in the closet, cluttered in between her unpublished work. i fear she might have breathing difficulties from degraded paper dust. she told me that she needs no assurance. she needs critical comments. could you please help me pull her out from the closet?)

5 ulasan:

imahkarimah berkata...

may b she's afraid juz like me?
she need 2 feel that she's soo gud..
this is really good!

HuRry aDam berkata...


miss u.

nabilla berkata...

miss you too adam..
thanks imah but i think i still need to brush upon my writing skills.
mr amer,thnks for everything.

mike-L berkata...

ini beautiful.ini cool

Lynn Honeym berkata...


breathtaking pieces.