celebrating a breakup

i think every breakup should be celebrated. not with a mournful face but a party. the reason is simple, if one broke up with one's partner it means one get an inspiration out of nowhere that breaking up is the solution toward generating new happiness on the basis of hope. therefore, a hope cannot be mourn on. it should be cherished with smiles and laughter. though some say hope itself is dangerous whereas it can lead to being doomed, but one must not forget, we actually have nothing to live on unless hope prevails.

now, gather your ex or ex(s) and tell them how happy you to broke up with them. it is a sense of realizing that you are not meant to be together before its too late. isn't it something that tell you how big decision as such could hinder future disaster? so, why not be happy with it?

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pablo berkata...

perhaps those who choose to live in misery after breakup think thats what they ought to be. it is always as simple as it sounds, isn't it?

miss yiyien berkata...

finally...sampai di entri ini:)