don't get confuse by Nabilla


Empty chairs around me,
As if waiting for me to fill it,
How can I feel naught?
When the air’s warmth me,
There were spaces in me,
i’m too used to indulge too much in it,
Now nothing fills me,
How could I let this happen?
Gay isn’t the word nor sadness,
Mere naught,
Naught kills me,
It worries me,
So many things to say,
Nothing to describe,
My chest hurt,
Burst it will and I wish
Silent is the only thing I’ll do.
Thank you for the memories.

Listen to my rhythm,
Perhaps I’ll play the most beautiful songs for you,
Just for you,
The very unique one,
The shortest moment,
The most memorable one,
The one you’d die to listen to,
Forgive me,
I will hurt you again,
I apologize for the repent,
For you know there is not much to do,
This time relax your tact,
Enjoy what you did to my rhythm

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