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as soon as we realize that what others said never really applied to our condition and circumstances, we should immediately abandon their idea and so on.

thus, one should be proud to be themselves. by being so-called "themselves", one is theoretically unique and therefore should never be questioned for being oneself.

but still dear writer, human have their thought and would probably disregard your personal belief by committing verbal offenses in disagreement.

i've seen so many people having big idea of changing the world, and only a small portion of them thinks that it is better to change their self.

the idea is the other way around. we've tried to change the world. we failed. how bout changing ourselves? will that be an effort to change the world too?

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Basuh Baju berkata...

there is saying change start from urself :)

Lynn Honeym berkata...

the root is attitude.


mike-L berkata...

tidak pernah ttdak terfikir untuk tidak setuju...

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