Happy Father's Day by Nabilla lagi...

As I was sitting invicibly looking at you,
You didnt notice me,
Then I left,
Assumption weren't in my head nor the question,
Either I was ignorant or I took it as normality,
You were busy,
I was busy,
And miles keeps me apart from your eyes,
But that's ok,
As time goes by , you riped,
I was still sitting invicibly staring at you,
As if I was intriguing by your handwork,
Now I could understand,
It takes me years to see behind the veil,
You're like the sun,
Who knows his duty to light us,
Who's burning to speed the light on us,
And she was the vacuum who fastened the light,
You give and we kept taking,
Never did you ask for anything in return,
Never did we spend a while to know your yearnings,
Then it was the nature's law,
I draw the picture on the canvas,
wasn't all beautiful,serenade,
But enough to decipher your hardships into a calm picture,
I want you to know,
I started to draw because I want to be the sun for you and her,
I know I will one day.

For My Papa.

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