sad and happy

I don't know how to mend these words into a flourish love poem as what I always had in my mind. Rhythm forgotten the slumber soothing hair of yours and tears that night had me fallen into the deepest bloodshed murder of my brotherhood. You just stay there. On my lap, sharing your emotion towards me when we know that there is nothing we can possibly do at this point of time. I wish there could be stars on your shilling so we can watch it melt on the palm of our hands. I wish we were together. My wish is only you since the beginning.

Dimmed moonlight shows your lips. Those juicy pink lips of your shimmers as breeze flow smoothly through the curtain giving in more light for your appreciation. I am honest but not toward my temporary feeling. I am just cheating my constant reality. But I do love you. I love myself. Maybe, the answer to our long distance companionship was only a constant coincident.

Thought I hope fate brings us together, words will always finds its enemy when a perfect synonym is mirrored. Until the time when we are ready to admit the reality, let us just sit here and enjoy the moment. You were still on my lap. I could hear your breath. You heavily cough that night. Don't you know that you looks like a lovely kids that just want to be cuddled and hugged? Most of the part, you were so happy. But sometime, you were just a sad little girl waiting to be released from a hand made prison.

I already lost myself when you ask me who am I to you. Because you already knew that I am you and you are me. I have been in love with myself since someone made me realize that no one can love me instead of me only. We are too proud to be ourselves. Therefore, we cannot afford to love anyone else other than us. Amir?you called again. That lonely night of ours gives more and more hope. And I answer your call. Amir? yes I am here.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. At least for tonight.

Have I done anything wrong? I suppose yes. I gave you up. I gave you up so many times until the sorrow finally wrapped us with a big black cloud. Suns no longer shine and in times darkness slowly put their evil at work by departing us again. That is why I need you to be an actress so that you can be anything you want even an imaginary. No one. I mean, no one have the right to tell you where you should go nor what you should be.

Now I know of one reason why you said if there is something that you want to change, you'd go back in time to fix it.

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