What is so cool about being psychotic anyway?

Lately an obvious trend (read: cool) of promoting personal connotation of which reflecting oneself in a rather emotionally degenerated condition has been used to describe momentary behavior (generally) by youth in online social network and everyday verbal conversation. Yet, how cool is it? Perhaps the degree of coolness when complying with psychotic expression cannot be interpreted empirically. Thus, in this case elaboration will be made in a mere value judgment view.

The degree of 'coolness' however is determined by favorable consistency of indeliberate growing consensus. Meaningwise, when a 'cool' is no longer cool but still being practiced, said, done or thought of without any moral, political or economic restriction, then it will be regard as 'norm'. On the other hands, when known restriction imply, the term 'uncool' is best to describe those who socially deviated. The perfect example of currently 'uncool' aspect is joining UMNO and wearing Batik whereas a norm may be illustrated in culturewise view e.g smoking.

So then Mr. Ratna, does bragging oneself psychotic tendencies is considered cool?
Let’s find out.

Certainly there is no certainty in the opinion-based semi-crapped write-ups like this. Nonetheless, let us do some simple examination. Browse thru your online social network, messenger and text message. Did you notice anyone using emotionally degenerated connotation such as numb, psyco, crazy, mad, skizo, amnesia, etc etc etc.... Now, in reality, do they really like that? Well, of course we don’t know and uniquely, only they know what really happened to them. However, skeptically thinking, what if the 'mood' or 'status' were being use just to create a mere sympathetic lures which purposely done in order to keep people constantly pays attention to them?

But why must it be psychotic?

You see, woman paid more attention to emotional-related issues, they can read face better than man and yes they were born to feel sympathy. Therefore, it is so faking pathetic to lure girls using sympathetic line dude. Not cool. Using emotional connotation as such is just a mere reflection of opening a gateway for pathetic flirting. Go home, play sympathy with your mom, you are so not cool.

What if it is from girls?

Okey, you got me there. Hmm.. using personal emotionally degenerated connotation among woman were mostly driven by the anxiety to hinder themself from being easily predicted as for the fact that they dont want themself to be buying all lousy lines promoted by pathetic guys. Haha.. Let say, if a girl put her status as "sad-just got fak multiple times-hurt" what kind of guys will respond to that? and if they do respond, what will be the reply then?

Above all, i consider this issue as another third world syndrome.


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