Adeeba and her Bunkface

Fetching Adeeba yesterday was an eye opener about how fast can kids learns catchy song on the radio.

I parked just in front of the PASti gate, open my window a bit just to hear what happen inside the Islamic kindergarten. Didn't hear much, the usual thingy about god and being obedient child was filling the paroi soundscape in form of shouting. They qued up, sang rhythmic god names and say goodbye to their teachers.

Adeeba opened the door on herself but I have to close it back. So, I just reach my hands and pull it inward.

Stepped on the clutch, first gear, and drove by Merak Boulevard in silent mode.

"Adeeba how was your day?" "Made any new friend?" "Do you have homework?"

Not like every kids, she sat exactly at the corner of the left side door. She sat stiff on the end tip of the seat starring at me. Her left ear touches the dashboard when I step on the break pedal.

In silent. In almost crying state. Not cute. This is the moment where I am pretty sure to turn on the radio.

they were playing a new song that day, I pumped up the volume while looking at deeba still staring at me but then she turn her back on me and took off her hijab.

She sang, but I can’t took my eyes off the road...

it was bunkface, first time I heard it with my lil sis singing along the tunes.

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HuRry aDam berkata...

i told you, she's will be the next indie singer..ngeh2

astrina s. berkata...

grammar adam! grammar!