Leyli and Majnun


Below are the adapted version of Leyli's word to Majnun in commemoration of the tribute himself made toward undying failed love.

The future is veiled from our eyes. The threads of each man's fate extend well beyond the boundaries of the visible world. Where they lead, we cannot see. Who can say that today's key will not be tomorrow's lock, or today's lock not tomorrow's key? Time passes, but true love remains. The life of this world is, for the most part, nothing but a succession of illusions and deceptions. But true love is real, and the flames which fuel it, burns forever, without beginning or end.

Every breeze that blows
brings your scent to me;

Every bird that sings
calls out your name to me;

Every dream that appears
brings your face to me;

Every glance at your face
has left its trace with me.

I am yours, I am yours,
whether near or far;

Your grief is mine, all mine,
wherever you are.

Nizami's adapted by Colin Turner 1970, London
"Cinta yang suci dan cinta yang agung ialah cinta yang gagal". isham rais

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