i am not a hero. i am not a savior. i am not whoever.
but i am going to stare at this pieces and focussss, like it will going to mend all by itself.
i am totally an insignificant arrogant dude who just walk past these street with forgotten remark.

along the way i met lucy who owns a cabarrate dance club. she invited me in. i took her offer. went in the club and stumble upon my ex's. Four of them. they were dressed in white and was like an angel on a broad daylight.

No suprises, i saw thier picture at the front entrance in a 'strip tease' poster tittled The Ketua Berempat. I smilled at them, they show me fingers. After all, i made them stripers, a good gestures of thanking maybe.

Talking to lucy is all about bussiness, and businesses need some extra injection in a very vaginal core. So i took the place to do the sugery before we begin dealing. many of the stripers are brought here by me. therefore, i have liability upon what hapen dict me including crime. i dont wana cought up doing crime so i get the kadi to be on my side. the Kadi, is a moslem by his birth but praising capitalism god (read:money).

Every once in a while i'll be married but never did i divorced. if it were not telecomuniatedly connected then it will connect vaginally. To avoid from being detected by Moral Police i have to have a minimum 5 divorce paper. therefore, the kadi helps a lot in registering foriegn marriege licences to legalize co-inhibitance.

most of them are vaginally virgin but none were pure virgin. i choose virgin girl simply because thier vagina looks better than fucked one. It's a bit chalanging fo me to put virgin girl on strip dance nonetheless, lucy put a rather high price for girls that i brought. they got paid well too. all seems well until one day when a guy came and shoot lucy on her forehead. It was her rival.

Just in front of Lucy's building we can see how poorly guested Cempaka hate to see our business booming. Before the incident, Cempaka sent me notes and few thousand buck so they can get me to send girls over there. But i told them that they were not just my girl, they are my girldfriends and i am not running girl business with anyone.

Unfortunately, it was a deadly answer. Cempaka already knew my bussiness with Lucy and took a short cut to eliminate rivalry.

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