BATTLE MOVE TO VIRTUASPHERE (rumble of integrity, deception, and charisma)

When there isn’t enough space on the street, people start to look for a new space to rumble and put their fist in form of keystrokes. Multiple entry in blog were also being used in this so-called battle of the alien. Unfortunately, one never hit the other virtually. The battle was like fighting one's own shadow. From a viewpoint of someone who has bored of being simultaneously beaten for the sake of reasoning, this is what to be referred as massive pointblank attact. It wont hit, bull’s-eye was not the main intention. A mere reflection of punching straight to the air.

Then the question of integrity, deception and charisma arouse beginning at a point where it should in the first place be taken as principles. However, not one has the guts to ask as reasoning has been kept a very long time in box full of "?". Those degenerated mark eventually tooks the 'why' and 'huh' to fight alongside resentment that wrapped beautifully in a desirable urge for correction.

There is absolutely no valid saying about taking in for a wait-and-see procedure. Apparently, both sides are now singing the war anthem and geared up for the upcoming blindfolded battle. Thus, from a bystander seat, they can only hope this battle to begin soon so they can choose which side to be with. Until it reaches the end, the decision whether to be with winner for power or looser for politic is still a big question mark. Similar to masturbation, it started with significant apparatus, movies, pictures, sounds and rubbing skills but when one jizzes up, everything that helps just don’t make sense anymore.

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