Some info on blogging, last night I watched Rachel Ray on blogging topic and here are some tips for online security and monitoring.

1. the internet has been with us for about 10 years now. So, don’t be surprise if some company leaves your resume untouched and just Google your name. Trust me, everything is 'googleable' nowadays. The problem is do you know your online record? Do you know what happed to your name, address, or even your phone number on the internet? Well, if you don’t I think it is time for you to take some action. You see, Google have a service called 'Google alert' whereby you can key in specific search item that you want to monitor e.g. your name and phone number. after that Google Alert will be your automatic search slave of which then send search result to your Gmail account once a week, twice a week or even as it happen. A solution that is free, automatic and easy. Just a click away and done. Google will inform you as your name/phone number appear on any website in real time.

2. Ok, now that you know somehow someone will Google you and you don’t want to be known for your bad behavior, please do remove those nasty part in your blog. But what if someone wrote something nasty about you and took your picture to make it as if you are the one who wrote it? Well, ever heard of disclaimers and website rule? You can put it on your blog too. The purpose of using it is to press charge on online misconduct. But what if you don’t know the writer? Hmm... it wouldn’t be hard to know them. Nonetheless if you are too busy to bother about this techy thingy you can just subscribe to for usd10. They will do the work. But please, for security reason, use nick name.

3. Anonimousity is a big problem for me because I don’t know how to react to anonymous contact e.g. comments. But from what I have learned, most of the comment or review from anonymous person was meant for themselves. The reason is simple, if they don’t put their name it must be because they don’t want to be responsible for their word. Of cause, those anonymous would sound like this "hate u" or "fak u" or "this is crap" and the list go on, you know what I mean. One way to have not-anonymous is to make it mandatory for them to leave their name. On blogger, they even have multiple accounts so they can sign in just to verify valid identity. Therefore if someone hates me I can hate them back. Easy isn't it?

That is all I can remember of right now. Happy killing. daa

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