The past few days have been challenging for me and my friends. Mostly because of unclarified misunderstanding and severe paranoid caused by secrecy.

Eventually, it sparks self-alienation which then turns into internal political conflict. Having to see all character is now playing small particle in this drama is rather uneasy for some. But on the other hand, to take it less serious, every conflict is for betterment I say.

But how can it be better if we keep on playing same old drama over and over again?

On my personal viewpoint, I like to see this matter as if it is a drama. On every unsolved drama, there will always be a sequel or at least another recurring episode. Therefore, when we try to understand what really happen in this so-called alienation, we might want to look at what have we done with our past conflict.

Easy on this, we let it past us by like nothing happened. "Don’t bother, the matter is done"
all agreed and belief it or not, we just consent to the idea writing a script for an old-remake-drama.

This is similar to an act of which a person purposely put old film on an emptied running reel. And of cause, the projector will shoot the light for that old film to be seen on big screen. Picture will move accordingly to the color recorded on that film.

Viewers are lucky if they haven’t paid anything to watch. But what if they do?

those who pay to watch this old shitty movie are whom I’d like to call no-brainers

now that you are able to differentiate which category of viewer you fall for, try to determine now, which character are you in this drama?

I am taking the role of a supporting actor acting as brainy viewer. How about you?

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hasrul izwan berkata...

brainy viewer...kah..kah..kah..no-brainers..kah..kah..kah..

pablo berkata...

aku ingat isham rais yang komen tadi..

Mahadewaratna_Sari berkata...

same line there... kah kah kah gelak tige harkat