boni boni boni! or what ever names you use, this is for you!

Do not reproach me over wine, my friend,
Do not scorn me with a frown for drinking;
Merciful god has decreed a love for her of me
And those with whom I pass the time;
My heart has fallen for her, and this passion has made me
think little
Of spending upon her all valuable I own;
I have become insane for this delicate virgin
Who excessively violent in the glass and headstrong
You would consider her cup in the mixing to be decked out
In the headdress of a bride;
She rends the veil of one’s heart, provoking
Innermost secrets to be divulged.

(Abu Nawas-Udhris)

please be informed, the latest mind-alteration session is worth USD200, do remit payment via postal order or credit card.

warm regard,


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out of the box berkata...

kau semakin mengambil untung. you've helped along the way and i could understand how you feel but i dont know what else to do.i'm on the verge of losing myself and part of me is continuously holding me back.hari ini, aku serabut mcm nk gile.apa kau rasa aku mungkin dapat rasa but again i dont know what to do about it.aku mahu kau tahu, kau yang nmpak aku.terima kasih.

p/s :maaf lari tajuk mungkin.i'm rambling and i dont want to care if it makes sense or not.

Mahadewaratna_Sari berkata...

im being the best of me