carpeted floor finish : RM 3 per sq/ft
air conditioned room : RM 500, plus everyday cost from RM 2 to RM 5
shelves : from RM 35 to RM 120 each
coffee maker + container : RM 50
books + shipment (each box): from 1200 pound sterling to 3000 euros

go! go!

with everything else under control, i have Visa to assist my financial needs.

if there is heaven on earth,
it better be filled with books
or I'm staying with my room.

2 ulasan:

nabilla berkata...

oi...kau ade mini library kau kt sane ke?aku nk lepak sane...

Mahadewaratna_Sari berkata...

haa.. meh. kejap je nih. jap lagi ilang la buku2 nih. bawak pegi pwtc